10 Best Mattress Brands You Should Know About Them Before Buying in 2018

1. The Layla Mattress

As with many other mattress companies, Layla promises to provide you with the most comfort and support possible. One thing that they did do, that most other companies probably don’t, is that they listened to the customer, took their concerns, and created a mattress based on those concerns.

The concerns of the customer were airflow, comfort, cooling, and health. The Layla Company took all of these and created a comfortable mattress that has airflow, keeps you cool, and is healthy for you.

The Layla is the first ever dual sided copper infused memory foam mattress. The copper helps to reduce joint inflammation and helps to ease joint pain and stiffness. This is one of the only mattresses that I have come across so far that target those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The copper that is used in the Layla also helps to promote better blood circulation. Have you ever seen people wearing those copper therapy bracelets? Well, the mattress works the same way as those bracelets. Copper emits antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and while you are sleeping, it is helping to improve your blood flow.


2. NECTAR Sleep Mattresses

The NECTAR Sleep Mattresses is an initiative to stop the tendency to over-medication of patients or people and to provide a turning point. NECTAR Sleep Mattresses is, more than a bed. It is a complete sleeping system where a person is positioned safely and comfortably on his back. It has the medical recognition worldwide as a medical aid.


3. Brooklyn Bedding LLC

Brooklyn Bedding LLC mattresses offer all the comforts of high density foaming and are ideal for second beds. Its composition looks like a polyurethane sponge filled with thousands of small holes or air bubbles that are inside a case. This foam is adaptable and breathable, is called HR or high resilience, which is the ability to recover a foaming after having undergone a pressure.


4. Sofamania Mattresses

They are mattresses made of special foam. These Mattress are very comfortable and. One feel very relaxed after using these. If you’ve ever tried a simple foam mattress, you’ll appreciate the extra comfort it brings and how it can lead to a wonderfully refreshing night’s sleep. If you have back problems, and then these mattresses provide some relief. It was with some trepidation that you opened the package when it arrived. How could I fit something so small in my bed, or open up to the full-size mattress that the ad promised? It was advised to open the package in a well ventilated room, and leave the mattress on a flat surface to inflate itself to full size for 24 hours.


5. Nighslee Mattresses

Few things make you feel as good as waking up after a refreshing and pleasant sleep. It is the best way to start the day and face the challenges that arise in everyday life, because sleeping well is linked to health and well-being.

Obviously, the choice of the ideal mattress in relation to the physiognomy and personal tastes is key to achieving a quality dream. We will analyze Nighslee mattresses, their origins, applications and characteristics in this entry, so that we can safely face the challenge of changing mattresses when the time comes.



6. Nolah Sleep LLC Mattresses

A good Nolah Sleep LLC should not be hard or soft, but firm and adaptable enough, starting from the same block or core. As a complement to an adaptable firmness, the cushions and shock absorbers must provide a pleasant welcome, so that the contact of the sleeper with the mattress ensures the absence of excessive pressures, which could cause discomfort and excessive night rotation, preventing an effective rest. Finally, all materials involved in the manufacture of the Nolah Sleep LLC mattress ensure proper transpiration. The internal ventilation of the equipment facilitates the maintenance of correct conditions over time.


7. GDF Studio Mattresses

As a general rule, GDF Studio mattresses are mixed mattresses, that is, they consist of a core or shell that can be of different compositions and then layers of viscoelastic comfort are added. Depending on the needs, we will choose one core or another.
Spring of pocketing of multiple springs: they are springs covered by a cloth capsule and are united by a very resistant adhesive. This allows movements on one side of the mattress do not affect the other and act forming two separate beds inside the mattress when sleeping in pairs. It provides firmness and adaptability, all in one.


8. HomeSquare Mattresses

HomeSquare always interested in providing the best to the people who decide to entrust their dreams about mattress. They have been working and developing technologies in the rest equipment that make our bed a privileged place. Recently, the result of the active listening of their customers and after an intense work of improving structures, diversification of materials and betting on continued innovation, the range of mattresses, which manages to optimize these benefits that we have been talking about , one more step in the technology of rest.


9. Hyphen Sleep Mattresses

The qualities of the Hyphen Sleep mattresses make it unique in guaranteeing the perfect medium firmness; this affirmation is based on different weighting reasons: more than 70,000 satisfied customers over 19 years of history, multiple laboratory studies and a comprehensive and meticulous knowledge of the biomechanical response that Hyphen Sleep offers.


10. Nuvanna LLC Mattresses

Nuvanna LLC mattresses become the indispensable option for those who love the feeling of recollection that this material brings. The viscoelastic and its reaction to body temperature provide a genuine memory effect, the material adapts to the body contour in a unique way offering a greater sense of comfort.


The new core of Nuvanna LLC mattresses offers a classic feeling of rest, for those who prefer a greater sense of firmness at each point. Thanks to its composition of individual bagged springs, freedom of movement in the mattress is greatly enhanced.

The Nuvanna LLC mattresses have been specially created to provide a rest solution to those who need a greater sensation of hardness to sleep well. The main characteristic of Nuvanna LLC mattresses is the high resilience, combining a high capacity of recovery with an optimum degree of firmness, thus guaranteeing the durability of the product.

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