• December 17, 2018
  • By Lisha Roy
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10 Tips To Choose The Best Shoes And Get The Best Fit

Our feet movement, our way of walking and our ankle support determine our posture and personality in different ways we can possibly think about. Picking up a perfect shoe is one of the essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle which by no means be ignored at any level. As the saying goes, ‘Great shoes take you to great places’, the same way At couponric, we try to gauge the importance of picking up a perfect shoe that suits your elegance and makes your comfort zone an incredible one.

1. Your size matters: The shoe size you choose decides the level of comfort you’re going to have. buying a shoe that doesn’t fit perfectly can result in making your walking experience a painful one. Shoe size varies, from brand to brand and from time to time. The size of your fit differs in shape from morning till evening. It is strongly advised to get you shoe sized traced from time to time and wait till the afternoon while making a shoe purchase.

2. Decide the type you plan to buy: It is equally important to make an intelligent decision of picking up the shoe type you plan to buy well before in advance so as to make your shoe shopping experience more efficient and less time-consuming. Getting stuck between high heels and flats or between belles and boots would lead you to anxiously picking up anything that you don’t need for the time being.

3. Know your brands: Always keep a track of the brands you trust and intend to make a purchase from. Shoe sizes and designs vary from brand to brand and changing your brand means an entire shift from one version of purchase experience to the other. For a proper purchase, use your brand known to the best use.

4. Check product reviews: Online shopping has become the need of the day. In this era of the internet revolution, every product is available online and so is its review. Do sufficient research and make yourself acquainted with the shoe type and its brand that you plan to buy. This will make sure you save your money and time both in more ways than one.

5. Make comfort your top priority: While buying shoes, always keep in mind the comfort that the shoe brings with itself. Your walking experience and your comfort level decide your mood to a great extent. A painful journey with your shoes can ruin your entire day. Always keep comfort before style while making a purchase.

6. Trust your instincts: You picked up a shoe from a shoe store that perfectly fits your style and suits your size as well. You decide to take a walk wearing it. But to your surprise, it is hurting you. You can’t find the flaw that makes it undesirable, but it is painful. Trust that instinct. Don’t buy that product. Try something else.

7. Don’t haste: Never make a shoe purchase in haste and anxiety. If you’re running out of time, decide to postpone your shoe shopping and plan it some other day. Shoes purchased in haste ultimately come out to be bad experiences. You may pick up a wrong shoe size, an undesirable color or a bad product.

8. Let your feet breathe: The size of our feet varies during different times of the day. From morning till evening, our feet swell, thereby making the size selection a difficult one. It is strongly advised to wait till the evening or at least till afternoon while making a shoe purchase in order to get the best fit.

9. Use perfect socks while making a purchase: A pair of shoes purchased after wearing them with your perfectly fitted socks is equally important. It lets you pick the best fitting variety and reduces any chances of discomfort that you may experience while buying shoes after wearing the wrong pair of socks or no socks.

10. Sole examination: Take a careful examination of the shoe sole while making a purchase. The kind of cushioning that the soles provide decide the level of comfort while walking. You can try testing your sole by walking around in the shoe while making the purchase. Your satisfaction level decides the sole credibility.

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