10 Tips To Look Your Best On Valentine

February is known as the month of love as Valentine’s Day is celebrated in this month. For this day people spend hours in planning that where to go which restaurant will be perfect, what gift one should select, but the most important part is what to wear and how to look your best on this special day. Well here are some tips from experts to look your best on this very special day for love birds.

Deciding the perfect dress:

This is the most crucial part of the planning specially for women, what to wear to look perfectly amazing, well the dress should be decided according to the area and time of outing. If you are planning to spend day time together at some beach or park then casual look will go perfect with this, a well fitted jeans and a beautiful top will just make you perfect. But if you are planning to have a beautiful evening together then go for a long gown or some wrapped dresses which will suit perfectly to the occasion.

perfect dress

Selecting the color of the dress:

This is the second most important step while selecting the dress as colour do play a very important role in giving you the perfect look. When we talk about valentine the most common colours which comes in mind is pink and red. But now a day’s elegance is the second name of subtle and nude shades of colour.

dress colour

Show some skin:

It’s good to wear such clothes which show some of your skin that do add appeal to your style and make you look sensuous. One should be careful while selecting dress that they should not overdo it, some skin literally means some skin.

some skin

Fight the tight:

People do think that if you have to look sexy and sensuous then you have to wear tight clothes well that’s a myth completely. One need to focus on looking appealing not proactive. One should select the dress which is perfectly tailored and properly fitted. Not too fit neither baggy nor ill-fitted which will make you look haggard and sloppy.

Fight the tight

Pair it with something attractive:

To add on different materials such as leather signals raw-edge gives a perfect look at feminine nude colour dress some beautiful scarf or shoes will just give the perfect and complete look which is desired. A beautiful watch or perfect boots will just do fine.

something attractive

Shine and sparkles:

A garment which is little highlighted with an embroidered or embellished patches will give you pricey appearance to your dress and will add on some dynamism to your perfect outfit.

Shine and sparkles


This is an important and main part of your dressing style. This will completely enhance your look according to your outing. Some beautiful pieces of accessories will just do the justice to your dress and will give you sensuous look.


To complete the look finally one need to put on some subtle make up which should be according to the time and area. For evening time and with gown or dress smoky eyes are said to be the best ones. Even the red lips looks sensuous.

Make up

Have an extra layer:

If you will put another layer of delicate pastel colour sweaters, it will make you look much more put-together or well-groomed. Select the one which goes according to the weather.


Perfect nails:

This is an important part of your overall look which people generally miss. Have perfect nails with beautiful subtle and nude nail paint which will go perfectly with your dress and will give your perfect sensuous looks.

Perfect nails

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