How To Keep Your Mattress In Good Shape Longer

Mattresses are a relatively expensive investment. If you ever need to store it for any reason, knowing how to store the mattress will maximize the chances of it being kept intact and in good condition. Storing the mattress correctly is a way to safeguard your investment and provide the mattress with many years of use in the future.

Protect The Surface Of The Mattress

Store the mattress in your own home or somewhere else; use a specific defensive cover for mattresses to protect the surface from dust and pests. Regardless of where you store it, there is always the possibility that, even if the air is clean and the location has a controlled temperature, the mattress will get dirty due to the elements that you have by your side.

Mattress protector covers are available for all sizes of mattresses. They can be found in home stores, DIY stores or in establishments dedicated to packaging for parcels. They offer better protection than what we will get by wrapping it in plastic.

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Storage Position

If the mattress is going to be stored for a long period of time, the best position is horizontal, since it will help reduce the chances of deformation or bending. This can be difficult if the mattress is large and there is not much space, although it is always possible to rest the mattress on a table or other flat surface. Care must be taken, however, that there are no sharp objects or protrusions nearby that may damage the mattress over time.

Storing the mattress on one end in a vertical position is acceptable if it is going to be for short periods of time, but be sure to place it on the longer edge to minimize the possibility of folding or bending at the top.

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Protect Against The Elements

An environment with excessive humidity can represent a disaster for your mattress, generating mold and moisture both on the surface and inside. Stored incorrectly, a mattress that looks clean can end up with an unpleasant musty odor caused by mold spores.

This is valid both for mattresses that due to their structure have a good dissipation of humidity and spring mattresses, and for those who do not have this property such as mattresses or latex mattresses.

Make sure that the mattress storage area has a dry environment by using a dehumidifier if necessary. In a house, the areas with the highest humidity tend to concentrate are garages, storage rooms or sheds, it is not advisable to store mattresses in them unless they are properly prepared and protected.

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Perform Periodic Checks

Inspect the mattress every so often to make sure it stays in good condition. If possible, change it from time to time. Turn it over if it is horizontal or support it on the other side if it is vertical.

Monitor the mattress covers to make sure there is no crack where dust, pests, and moisture can enter. If the mattress has been stored for more than a year, the protective cover can be changed so that it is always in optimal condition.

A mattress is not one of the most difficult objects to store since it can suffer setbacks that have not been foreseen when we have them stored. I hope these tips will help you to keep your mattress in perfect condition.

Mattress Information And Their Characteristics

The Mattress On Top Of A Base

The first thing that should not be committed is to think that the mattress can be placed directly on the floor. If in theory this may seem practical and economical, the reality is very different. It is a mistake to imagine that a base or box spring is a useless expense. For its important role in comfort, but especially for its impact on mattress hygiene, the mattress is essential. So that your mattress is in favorable conditions it is strongly recommended to associate it with a mattress. The duration of life of the mattress will be higher and the comfort of it will benefit too.

The cost of the mattress alone will then be an investment to preserve your mattress for longer. Seen with this approach, it is better to opt for a box spring, even the entry range, instead of having to change mattresses ahead of time.

Protect Your Mattress

Bedding is not only marketed for its aesthetic appearance. Like the Nordic covers, which are intended to protect the Nordic from dust, the bottom sheet does the same with the mattress. As soon as you buy your mattress, it is strongly recommended to associate an adapted sheet, on the one hand to avoid sleeping directly on the mattress and, on the other, to preserve it. The low sheets are not however the only items that can protect your mattress. The mattress protector also fulfills this function. Thanks to a waterproof material, it prevents the mattress from being directly affected by fluids.

Be it sweat, leakage of urine or the overturning of a bottle, the mattress is thus protected. It should be noted that mattress protectors are disposable or washable. Depending on the model you choose, it is not necessary to discard them systematically after use.

Daily Ventilation of The Mattress

To facilitate the life of your mattress, it is also essential to ensure good ventilation. Although it is above a base or bed base, as we have indicated above, other mechanisms must also be adopted. First, it is recommended to let your mattress breathe. It is recommended to fold the sheets at the foot of the mattress to allow it to ventilate. This practice is as beneficial to the sleeper as it is to the mattress. Open the window, so that the air in your room is renewed. Taking the habit of doing this daily for fifteen minutes, in the long term, will be very favorable for your mattress.

Another custom that must be adopted is to frequently turn the mattress. Inverting the face on top of the one that sleeps every three months, allows it to avoid wearing too quickly. Thanks to this regular gesture, it will significantly increase its life span.

In case of buying a mattress with summer face and winter, you should take advantage of the change of seasons to flip the mattress. This type of mattress offers the advantage of a comfort adapted to each season, in particular, thanks to a regulation adapted to the temperatures.

Respect Classic But Regular Hygiene

We give them some simple gestures but they must be repeated at regular intervals to maintain the ideal hygiene of your mattress and your bed in general. Whether it’s the sheets, the duvet covers, the mattress protector or the bottom sheet, your bedding should be washed regularly. For these elements it seems that a bimonthly washing frequency is satisfactory. Likewise, excessive sweating during sleep, a shower in the morning instead of at night or breakfast in bed, are elements to consider when determining the most appropriate frequency of washing.

In addition to putting the sheets and protective covers in the washing machine, moving the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust is also important. It is necessary to pass, regularly the vacuum cleaner, delicately on a mattress. Once a week will be perfectly correct. If you can regulate the power level, opt for a fairly low level to avoid damaging the mattress due to too strong suction, particularly at the seams.

Treat Your Mattress

Nowadays, most mattresses have an anti-mite and antibacterial treatment. Although some types of mattresses naturally benefit from these properties, such as latex mattresses, others have received chemical treatments. Latex mattresses also benefit from hypoallergenic properties: they are therefore perfectly suitable for people sensitive to allergies.

For mattresses whose components do not naturally have antibacterial properties, treatments are applied. As an example, we can mention the Purotex process. This treatment allows limiting the proliferation of mites thanks to the action of living micro-organisms, called probiotics.

The main advantage of this treatment is precisely the fact that it is based on these living natural elements. Its mode of action is different from other types of treatment, since it does not reject mites but eliminates them. On the other hand, these micro-organisms regenerate and reproduce rapidly, which makes the Parroted treatment a more effective and lasting solution than that of chemical treatments. The effectiveness of chemical treatments can decrease, since with the passage of time the bacteria adapt and present a greater resistance.

These small insects feed on the remains of dead skin that comes off, which could be good, except that they also leave their waste on our mattresses and these can cause asthma and allergic rhinitis.

If you tend to be allergic and do not want to share your bed with thousands of unwanted guests, here you will find the quick way to clean and refresh your mattress.

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • An airtight vial
  • Lavender essential oil
  • A Sieve
  • A Vacuum Cleaner

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