Life is Crap Review: Express Your Annoyance Through The Comical Content of Your Clothes!

As they say, when life gives you lemons make lemonade! The tested and tried way of dealing with any crappy situation is to face it with courage and humor. Humor makes the entire environment light and unwanted situations bearable. When you are too frustrated to give a damn about all the unworthy life situations, then there must be a way out for the frustration that is building inside you. Expressing your views without talking about it seems one difficult task to perform but is not at all impossible. With the technology evolving, you can express yourself through written content on different platforms. Humorous yet thought-provoking captions written on clothes especially t-shirts are a running trend nowadays which is considered cool and happening in the social gatherings. Life is Crap, are a US-based online store that sells fine quality tees and sweatshirts for both men and women with humorous content imprinted.

As mentioned earlier, clothing lines that are producing cool t-shirts are trending nowadays. So, it was made mandatory on our part to review this happening website to advise and tip off our loyal readers about this online store. The store has a huge variety of tees and sweatshirts. They also have a onesies and t-shirt collection for infants and toddlers at suitable prices. The colors that they choose for their clothes are bright and lively which represent the youth’s energetic enthusiasm towards life’s approach. This store’s shoppers usually have a bizarre attitude due to uncertain situations in life, and as the testimonials state, they felt happy about shopping for their store and expressing their displeasure through the clothes.

Life is Crap Pricing

Their infant and toddler’s collection of onesies and tees is priced around 14$. Their collection of shirts has t-shirts, hooded and plain sweatshirts with a massive variety of numerous themed categories like the beach day, holiday and love. All of these are priced between 17-30$ max. Their caps are priced around 8$.

Life is Crap Size Info

The kid’s collection has a size range of 6 months to 24 months, and the adult collection has sizes from small to 3XL. A size guide is also provided on their website to avoid any confusions.

Life is Crap Payment

Payment is made through PayPal and Amazon Pay. Both of these methods are secure enough to make an online payment as the website doesn’t hold any of the customer’s information and directs the buyer to the PayPal and Amazon’s sites.


  • Cool colors
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Reasonably priced clothes
  • Detailed reviews by the frequent buyers
  • Huge variety of themed categorized


  • Similarity in all the designs

Final Verdict

If you are unhappy with the stones that life is throwing at you and you’re unable to figure out a way to release your frustrations, then go ahead with placing an order at Life Is Crap and feel super cool about your attire. This online has clothes that are affordable for a majority of people and possess good quality material.

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