Swimsuits For All Review: Is The Next Best Beachwear Online Store?

Do you ever just crave a beach vacation so bad that every other routine work seems mundane and boring to you? Yes, we have all been there and guess what, we too crave getaways where we can simply lounge by the pool chair sipping on a Pina Colada or better yet- go splashing in the pool, beating the summer heat the best way we can! However, one of the primary concern that the modern everyday woman faces is the fact that a proper well-fit swimsuit is as rare as it comes.

While slender petite models look ravishing sporting the latest trends, the regular size for the everyday woman is often compromised in the name of fashion and we are extremely grateful to plus-size models like Ashley Graham and many others who were brave enough to expose the charisma of plus-size beauties to the world. However, the problem of ill-fitted pool or beachwear still nags us.

The fact that the Internet has made shopping such a convenience did not help the matter. We have encountered several online stores in the past selling misleading products under a false pretense. The easy drop shipping worsens quality as online buyers struggle to find a decent platform to fulfill their requirements. Hence, CouponRic started reviewing online stores for you so that you get a complete feel of the situation before plunging into the expenditure. That being said, we would like to give you a through and through about Swimsuits For All where the primary goal would be to tackle the question- Exactly how legit is Swimsuit For All and if it is at all worth your money?

In this Review, we would cover topics like

  • Swimsuits For All’s promise to the women out there
  • Their product diversity and pricing
  • Customer reviews for Swimsuits For All
  • Shopping convenience when it comes to shipping and returns

So, let’s rewind it back to the very beginning:

How legit is Swimsuits For All’s promise to the women out there? See what CouponRic Reviews have to say

For those of you who are not yet aware of this online retail- Swimsuits For All started off in 2005 under current founder and CEO Moshe Laniado where women size 4 and up could find a wide selection of swimsuits in every design and type. The company was, however, acquired by NY’s plus size fashion label, Fullbeauty Brands in 2014 and the company has been operating under this fashion company ever since. Their primary goal is to craft swimsuits that would break all body shape and size boundaries to provide comfort for women looking forward to beach vacations and pool parties. Swimsuits For All promises an assortment of beachwear apparels that are in vogue. The online brand boasts of a collection that dabbles in the latest trends while keeping an eye out for comfort and fit. Their beachwear is 100% chlorine resistant as stated by the brand which ensures color and quality durability for beach and pool lovers. Women of today come in all shapes and sizes and each and every one of us deserve nothing but the best when it comes to apparels that can make heads turn. We are glad, brands like Swimsuits For All embraces women regardless of how they choose to flaunt their body and that’s when we came across their wild range of classified beachwear that simply blew our mind.

Swimsuits For All Products are Diversely Attractive but are the prices worth it? CouponRic Reviews break down Swimsuits For All Pricing range for you

If you’re confused over which style to flaunt- you will find a list of options from one-piece and bikinis to swim dresses, tankinis, and even coverups right on their home page. Picking your style has never been so convenient. However, if you’ve already made up your mind you can head over to their categories section where each section classifies the different styles, patterns, and types that particular genre presents.

The vivid classification really appeals to us while their designs are simply to die for. If you’re wondering whether you’ll ever be able to rock that favorite swimsuit you saw on your favorite model- this is the time to act! You can choose from bandeau, high necks or sarong fronts in the one-piece section to shortinis, skirtinis and tankinis in their tankini section.

Now, let us break down the product costs for you-

The price range quoted for a one-piece wonder would range something within $100 and if you’re lucky enough you can catch their prices on sale where a merchandise worth $96 for something around $67.

The swim dress merchandise is also priced within $100 even though most of the products are under sale where you can buy a swim dress for $54 or $63

Here too, the products originally priced under $100, the sale for tankini swimsuits would have you paying something around $40 to 50.

A matching bikini piece from Swimsuits For All would typically cost something around $50-60 with the original prices being quoted at $114 or lesser. However, you can make the best of their sale and buy bikini bottoms for just $18.

Cover-ups range from $29 to $50 or 60

They have a section dedicated to the curvy beauties with merchandise from the Ashley Graham collections available mostly under the $100 mark.

Apart from that, they have a section dedicated to “separates” where you can bikini tops and bottoms along with options like a maxi dress for $42 or a high-neck Capri set for $58. You can also buy a swim tee for $46 with the bikini tops ranging between $20-40.

Customers disappointed with Swimsuits For All? CouponRic Reviews find out why

  • While the flashy website promises the best-in-class swimsuit apparels, customers we came across had a very different story to it. We have segregated the major issues into three broad sections so that you know exactly what to expect if you’re planning on splurging on a beachwear from Swimsuits For All.
  • While the designs are in fact to die for- the product quality has clearly failed the test for the customers. From loose elastic bands to threads showing or unraveling, the product quality is deemed absolutely unfit, especially for women who base their purchase experience on their profession. A swimming teacher brought up an issue about how her purchase from Swimsuits For All turned out to be horrible. A chlorine resistant suit is supposed to hold on to the color and quality of the merchandise and even after following the wash and care instruction following, she noted that her swimsuit has, after all, started losing its grace and composure. The same has been pointed out by a few other women too who noticed the colors fading or the material deteriorating in quality after the 4th or 5th usage.
  • The next big issue pointed out by the ladies is that of the return policy where one customer went as far as calling their customer relations “a complete joke”. Customers are complaining about how their customer service personnel are not exactly what we call the helpful kind and they are often coming up with redundant suggestions that are not exactly solving the situations per se. One woman encountered a situation where the customer service people were reading out the wrong purchase order despite having emails, memos, and bills proving otherwise. The sheer lack of knowledge paired with zero customer satisfaction skills makes up for a nightmare of a customer service with Swimsuits For All.
  • The third prominent issue brought up to us was the Return Policy on products purchased. From waiting for refunds for a lifetime to merchandise being lost in transit- the return policy is cited as a horror and an unwanted painful situation that you would not want to get yourself into. Often the refunds are processed in the form of store exclusive gift cards which too, is an unfavorable option. So, if you’re planning on ordering something from Swimsuits For All, make sure you are well aware of your size and preference.
    However, some customers did mention how Swimsuits For All gave them the perfect curvy size swimsuit to them with exact fitting and no extra spillage.

Swimsuits For All Shipping & Return Policy covered by CouponRic Reviews

While return is definitely stated as a horror, the online brand still promises a 60-day return policy with benefits like free 2-way shipping on exchanges and e-gift cards on refunds as their perk. A Swimsuits For All order dispatches from their Indianapolis facility and will typically reach you within 3-5 business days. They have an elaborate shipping policy with figures and days mentioned on their shipping policy page on the website.

Make sure you go through their shipping details page carefully before thinking of investments.

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How You Can Contact To Swimsuits For All?

Toll-free (U.S. and Canada): 1.888.241.SWIM (7946)
Toll-free (United Kingdom): 0808.234.1398
Toll-free (Australia): 1.800.189.726
International: 915.356.2783
8 A.M. – 11 P.M. EST Every Day

Swimsuits For All in a nutshell | CouponRic Reviews

It’s absolutely amazing that Swimsuits For All wants to create a universal brand for women with all shapes and body sizes. However, customers are downright concerned about their orders along with women facing constant issues with the customer service and the product quality given by this online brand. If you’re looking for durability and a smooth return or exchange option- this brand is not for you.

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