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  • October 16, 2018
  • By Lisha Roy
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Warby Parker Customer Review- All You Need To Know About The Company And Much More

If you listen to technology podcast regularly you have by now heard of the eyewear company by the name Warby Parker. The New York-based company, launched in 2010, has recently started advertising on many tech podcasts and bills itself as an affordable and easy way to purchase eyeglasses and sunglasses via the internet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take some frame home, try them out for a few days with different outfits, and then as a bonus order your glasses at a cut rate?

Well, that’s the concept behind Warby Parker glasses. They offer a starting price of just $95, plus you can try frames on it the convenience of your home for free. Now the price and convenience sounds great but how good the Warby Parker glasses and sunglasses are? Are they reliable? Are you really going to pay only $95?

The founder actually thinks that if they circumvented traditional channels for making glasses and designed them in-house instead, they could bring down the price to a lot greater extent. Not only by making them more affordable, but also by allowing them to give a pair of charity for each one bought. We found that they have opened their own Warby Parker “optical lab” in New York to integrate eyeglass lens finishing and frame assembly.

So what does the company sell?

You start heading to Warby Parker’s website and browsing their section of glasses. The section is divided into men’s and women’s frames and then by regular eyewear and sunglasses. Most frames are offered in several colors and there are large high-quality images of the frames from different angles, as well as a model that turns his or her head from one side to another side, so you can see how each frame looks in any alignment. There is also a virtual try-on feature that allows you to upload a picture of yourself so that you can get a general idea of what each frame will look like on your face.

Warby Parker’s home try-on is available on the website. You choose from a collection of frames and get them shipped to your house to see how they look for free. The home try works like:

  • First, you answer few designed to narrow your Warby Parker frames choices
  • Choose frames to have shipped to you to try out
  • Not all the Warby Parker frames are available for the home try-out
  • You can keep them for 5 days and then mail them back
  • The process is free, but you have to pay the shipping both ways

You have to put on the credit card if the frames are not returned on time they will charge you. Like you will be charged $85.50 for the acetate frame and $130.50 for the titanium frame.

Frames by Warby Parker

You are not going to dearth for options when choosing Warby Parker frames. They have well over 100 choices in different shapes and color. You can choose one from Acetate, Metal or Mixed material frames. Its reviews of the frame are positive about the style, but some say they could be of better quality. Unlike other optical retailers, you don’t pay for the frames separately so you can choose the one you like best without worrying that it cost a ton more than another style. Warby Parker prices comprise both the frame and the prescription lenses.

The catch is you may have read about the company that people paid much more than just the $95 for a pair of glasses and that is because of the prescription option that increases the price. If you have a basic prescription and do not need high index lenses then Warby Parker can be an excellent deal that’s hard to beat.

All Warby Parker lenses come with the following at no extra charges:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Superhydrophobic coating
  • UV protection

Even the sunglasses are

  • Polarization
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • UV Resistance

Reviews of the people that have bought Warby Parker glasses

Can $95 glasses really be a good as ones that cost hundreds of dollars more? We are about to find out by taking a broad look at Warby Parker glasses reviews from those people who have purchased these fashionable and stylish glasses. we are also going to take a look these glasses and said why their Warby Parker review, then we will follow that up with those that weren’t quite as happy about the purchase of the glasses.

Positive Warby Parker glasses reviews

“Love this place!”

I have two glasses, from Warby Parker. Both pairs, I’m pleased with. The first one I got in store, the second, I ordered online after the in-home try-on.

I had a few questions that I ask in the chat option available on the website, also by email. Customer service is great. What the company altogether, is great.

I saw another comment from a person saying, they didn’t like the fact that they would be liable for glasses not returned from the home try-on. Why would you not be liable? It’s literally the easiest thing. You pick out glasses, they get sent to you, try them on, and then send them back with the return label included!

I would definitely recommend them!

“Always buy my glasses from here”

Ok so let me tell you a story: I used to waste a lot of cash on eyeglasses. Now that I have found WP I I save a lot of cash on eyewear. The short story right? Well, the main point is they have a lot of choices and I am a happy customer.

“Definitely recommending”

From the moment I walked in, there was very great customer service. I was welcomed with a smile and instructed on the whole process of getting my glasses since I had my prescription with me. A young lady helped me through the final process of getting my glasses shipped to my home. She was very educational and helpful. The best part is that my frames were $95 FLAT with the lenses and shipping included!! If only I knew about this place earlier I could’ve saved so much money. This place is grand and they have a huge range of frames so you’re certain to find a pair that suits you. Recommending to everyone.

“Great choices, reasonable prices, AND superb service”

This is a great store. Many stylish collections and a very delightful customer service. A person there was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful in adjusting our existing glasses. Felt great after our acquisitions and can’t wait to receive them in the mail. We love Warby Parker with its great choices, sensible prices, AND excellent service.

Negative Warby Parker Glasses reviews

“Horrible experience…twice”

Don’t order glasses prisms. The shipping experience was terrible. They would not give me any kind of discount on a second pair to make up for the bad experience the first time I used them. And the customer service rep was bad too. I thought this company was going to be equable, but nope.

“Poor sales and customer service”

I ordered a pair of glasses from Warby Parker only because they told me I could get 2 days accelerated shipping for $50 extra. I gladly paid the extra $50 as I lost my glasses and was in desperate need. Ordered on a Wednesday and was assured Friday 2 day delivery. Looked up my order online on Thursday and saw that the $50 and expedited order had changed. Called customer representative and was told that due to a “miss-communication” the lenses that I ordered were not available for this option. However, I was never informed that my order had changed. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that the manager would not be able to fix the issue. He was, however, apologetic gave me a refund for the extra shipping charge and an additional discount for my trouble and assured to expedite the order. Poor sales as they initially sold me on 2-day shipping, poor customer service as there was no communication about the order change, and poor customer service concerning the shipping date. An extremely irritating experience

Rating Summary

  • 5 stars -72
  • 4 stars -12
  • 3 stars -10
  • 2 stars -30
  • 1 stars – 60


Proper fitting is something you will want to be aware of. Nearly all the frames need to be fitted properly to your face. In our Warby Parker glasses review, we found that the company will reimburse you if you are not near one of their physical location for the fitting. In our opinion, Warby and Parker is a great option for affordable eyewear and a nice selection of fashionable frame. You also get to feel good knowing they give a pair to someone in need when you buy one, so you are helping others just by getting a pair of the new spec. the company definitely has a great marketing strategy but it needs to work on the customer service department.

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